the Outworld Orkestra

Live world fusion/acoustic-electronic music project with Adham Shaikh, the Outworld Orkestra ( brings together the talents of artists from around the sphere adding unique and exotic instrumentation, dance and visual media to Adham’s organic and electronic sounds. The collaboration of the musicians with dance & visual art creates global music tapestries that take listeners on sonic journeys transcending time and place.

Photo by Bohdan Doval

The current lineup of the Outworld Orkestra features Boris Sichon on bones, a multitude of flutes, shawms, percussion & unidentifiable objects. Ben Johnson on oud, darbukka, çümbüş, percussion, & vocals. Sijay James (OnBeyond MetaMedia), Jeff Holden – SuperConscious lyricist & MC. Adham Shaikh – composer, synth & beats. Bessie Wapp – vocal & accordion. Slava Doval – dance. Shine – didjeridoo & drum.

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